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EllisonLegal is a trusted resource for Michigan employees who have lost their jobs or promotions because of unfair discrimination or unjustified harassment. I am attorney Jeffrey Ellison, and I have been an advocate for fairness in the workplace and dignity in employment for nearly 35 years.

When you work with me, you will have a lawyer who is compassionate, strategic and bold.

The Values That Define My Practice

Being compassionate means I care about my clients and the injustices they face. As an employment lawyer, I understand that what you do for a living helps define who you are and how you see your place with your co-workers, friends, family, and neighbors. When something bad happens to you at work, it not only strikes at your livelihood but undermines your self-worth as well. Your situation is not merely a legal problem to me. My clients see me both as their attorney and counselor, helping them remedy their employment law problems and adjust to the road ahead of them.

Employment law also requires strategic thinking. Some of my clients are still employed and worry they are being set up for dismissal or some other adverse action. I help them prepare for or head off the action, giving advice on how to preserve evidence, how to respond if the axe falls, and strategically waiting for the employer to do something that bolsters their case. For clients who first contact me after they have lost their jobs, strategy involves gathering evidence quickly, before the employer’s lawyer has a chance to shape a defense.

Finally, I believe in being bold. I am committed to your success, and I’m willing to fight on your behalf for the outcome that you need and deserve.

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With an office in Ann Arbor, EllisonLegal serves clients in Ann Arbor, Detroit and surrounding areas. To take advantage of a free phone consultation with an experienced employment law attorney, call me at 734-887-6534, or send me an email.