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Racial discrimination and the auto manufacturing industry

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2018 | Blog

The automotive industry brings to mind speed, intelligence and cutting-edge technology. What many people do not associate with it due to lack of awareness is the same discrimination problems prevalent at any type of workplace.

Successful, global companies aren’t necessarily an exception. Those who work for an auto manufacturer could still possibly find themselves facing discrimination at work, such as racial discrimination. If you are one of those workers, you may want to speak to an attorney about protecting your rights and well-being.

Racial harassment

Recently, Tesla had a lawsuit brought against it by three African-American men claiming they experienced racial slurs, harassment and a hostile environment. Reportedly, Tesla was suspicious of the allegations due to the employees never filing official complaints. This serves as a reminder to document and report any physical or emotional harm you suffer so you have supporting evidence for your claims. Relying on your word alone could make it hard to hold violators accountable.

Racial discrimination

Racial discrimination in the workplace can take many forms. Some are fairly explicit actions. Others can be much more subtle in nature.

Some examples of ways racial discrimination could potentially affect you include:

  • Undeserved demotions
  • Lack of earned promotions
  • Lower pay than colleagues in the same job position
  • Harsher discipline than others receive for the same misconduct

Protect your rights

Your workplace, whether it be within the auto industry or some other field, should be a safe environment where you can earn a living and receive fair treatment based on your abilities and not on qualities that do not matter to your performance. If you experience or suspect racial discrimination of any kind, keep a record of the instances and speak with an attorney.