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Racial discrimination and the auto manufacturing industry

The automotive industry brings to mind speed, intelligence and cutting-edge technology. What many people do not associate with it due to lack of awareness is the same discrimination problems prevalent at any type of workplace.

Successful, global companies aren't necessarily an exception. Those who work for an auto manufacturer could still possibly find themselves facing discrimination at work, such as racial discrimination. If you are one of those workers, you may want to speak to an attorney about protecting your rights and well-being.

Am I Covered For Leave Under FMLA?

Family and work are often the most important things in people’s lives. It is difficult to balance the two when major life events surface. You might need to take leave from work to help a sick loved one or care for your newborn. That is why legal protections are in place to ensure that American workers are allotted time away from their jobs without concern.

The Family & Medical Leave Act provides certain workers with up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave every year. This law helps protect employees from unfair treatment when they need to handle medical emergencies or family matters. FMLA provides job protection for any of the following reasons:

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