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What is sexual harassment at work?

Employers are not allowed to permit sexual harassment to occur in the workplace. There must be clear protocol for preventing this abuse, as well as addressing these issues when they do occur. Many different aspects relate to this employment-related atrocity.

Sexual harassment is forbidden based on Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which applies to the federal government, labor organizations, employment agencies and employers that have 15 or more employees.

Severance pay: Negotiate to get what you deserve

If your employer decides to terminate your employment, it's critical to learn more about your legal rights in Michigan. This includes your right to receive severance pay.

Generally speaking, a severance agreement is a contract between you and your employer that outlines the compensation you'll receive upon leaving the company. It may also touch on what you are and are not allowed to do in the future, such as through a non-compete agreement.

Women in the auto industry hesitant to report sexual harassment

Women making their living in a male-dominated industry typically face a higher risk of experiencing sexual harassment than they would otherwise. Women in the automotive industry are often susceptible to this type of treatment, and when they are victims of it, they are often hesitant to report it.

According to Automotive News, many women in the industry who experience sexual harassment take the advice often given in employee handbooks and contact their human resources department to make a report about the behavior. Unfortunately, though, many others hesitate to do so, either because they fear no one will believe them or they fear facing repercussions for speaking out.

Following company policy after sexual harassment

The company you work for should have a written policy about sexual harassment in the workplace. In fact, this should have been one of the first policies you saw on your first day in the new job.

However, in spite of company policy, you may find that workplace sexual harassment exists and is making your working life uncomfortable. What should you do?

3 steps to take if you experience promotion discrimination

As an employee, you want to succeed. If you have an exemplary track record, you may think you deserve a promotion to a higher position. You may even apply for a higher-paying position at your company.

However, you may find out someone else gets the position you feel that you deserve. If another employee gets the position, you may feel like you are the victim of discrimination. Here is what to do if you believe your employer is committing promotion discrimination. 

Sexual harassment affects men, too

Sexual harassment is a real and pervasive problem in the American workplace, and while women report more instances of on-the-job sexual harassment than men, women are not the only victims. According to Psychology Today, more than half of all American working women report being victims of work-related sexual harassment. In one recent survey, however, about a third of all men also reported experiencing sexual harassment at work at some point within the last year.

In actuality, however, the number of men who experience sexual harassment in the workplace may be far higher than reported.

Does the law protect you against whistleblower retaliation?

Let us say that you work for a manufacturer in Detroit. You have only been with the company for a few months, but that has been long enough for you to observe that there are violations of certain safety laws.

Although the company has posted the OSHA regulations, your supervisor is not enforcing some of them. You feel you should report this to someone, but who? And if you do, what repercussions would there be?

Racial discrimination and the auto manufacturing industry

The automotive industry brings to mind speed, intelligence and cutting-edge technology. What many people do not associate with it due to lack of awareness is the same discrimination problems prevalent at any type of workplace.

Successful, global companies aren't necessarily an exception. Those who work for an auto manufacturer could still possibly find themselves facing discrimination at work, such as racial discrimination. If you are one of those workers, you may want to speak to an attorney about protecting your rights and well-being.

Am I Covered For Leave Under FMLA?

Family and work are often the most important things in people’s lives. It is difficult to balance the two when major life events surface. You might need to take leave from work to help a sick loved one or care for your newborn. That is why legal protections are in place to ensure that American workers are allotted time away from their jobs without concern.

The Family & Medical Leave Act provides certain workers with up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave every year. This law helps protect employees from unfair treatment when they need to handle medical emergencies or family matters. FMLA provides job protection for any of the following reasons:

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